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Emergency and Backup Generators in Brantford


As the weather gets harsher, generators are used more frequently in Canada. Anyone living in an area with severe weather or a suburban area that frequently loses power after storms are used to hearing dozens of generators buzzing around their neighbourhoods.

The good news is that there are portable generators available that you can bring with you when you go camping and have barbecues if you want to avoid committing to a huge unit that is permanently installed in your backyard. McKenzie Electric offers both commercial and residential generators in Brantford. Our skilled professionals can inspect your property’s needs and install a top-quality generator in your home. Contact us to book our service today.

What a Backup Generator Can Do for Your Business


There are a variety of causes for power outages. You could experience rolling blackouts due to the hot weather and the utility companies' inability to meet the electricity demand. When power lines are downed by bad weather, your company may be shut off from the electrical grid while repairs are made. The following are the most crucial factors to take into account while determining how to secure your company using generators in Brantford:

A Backup Generator Keeps Your Company Operating Normally

The downtime that results from a power loss is eliminated if your company has a generator. When your company isn't connected to the main electrical grid, your team can still assist clients and carry out crucial duties.

Using a Backup Power Source Will Protect Your Assets During a Power Outage

You can keep storing your goods without interruption if you have a standby generator until you can reconnect to your primary power source again. As long as you don't worry about unanticipated downtime, you won't lose thousands of dollars during the power outage and will always be open for business within the specified hours.

The Use of a Reliable Backup Generator Prevents the Loss of Important Data

To prevent the loss of crucial data saved on your computers, such as client contact information, sales and financial information, and other vital information. You can keep in touch with your personnel so they can take the necessary action to safeguard your data during the power loss.

How Does a Business Generator Operate?


When your main power supply goes down due to bad weather or local emergencies, generators like the Generac standby generator use an alternative fuel source to provide electricity. The backup generator is permanently mounted and has an automatic transfer switch that easily transfers power from the building's electrical system to it.

You can connect the generator to your natural gas lines or keep a backup supply of natural gas on hand because most standby generators use propane or natural gas to generate electricity.

Brantford's McKenzie Electric - The Preferred Shop for Generators


We offer backup as well as portable generators for your commercial and residential properties in Brantford. Our generators are safe, durable, and fully functional and help keep your systems running smoothly throughout the day.

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Install Generators in Brantford


McKenzie Electric is the top shop for portable and standby generators in Brantford.

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