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Emergency and Backup Generators in Brantford


As the weather gets harsher, generators are used more frequently in Canada. Anyone living in an area with severe weather or a suburban area that frequently loses power after storms are used to hearing dozens of generators buzzing around their neighbourhoods.

Never be left in the dark again – Generac backup generator stands ready to power your home when the grid goes down. Invest in reliability, security, and peace of mind, ensuring that your lights stay on, your devices stay charged, and your home stays comfortably powered, no matter what!  McKenzie Electric offers residential back up generators in Brantford and surrounding areas. Our skilled professionals can inspect your property’s needs and install a top-quality GENERAC generator in your home. Contact us to book our service today.

Emergency and Backup Generators

What a Backup Generator Can Do for you?


A backup Generac generator offers numerous benefits for customers, including:

Continuous Power Supply: Ensures a seamless power supply during outages, keeping essential appliances, lights, and HVAC systems running smoothly.

Preservation of Perishables: Safeguards your food and medications by preventing spoilage during extended power outages.

Home Comfort: Maintains a comfortable living environment by keeping heating and cooling systems operational, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Electronics and Devices: Protects electronic devices and appliances from potential damage caused by sudden power fluctuations, ensuring longevity and functionality.

Sump Pump Operation: Prevents basement flooding by ensuring the continuous operation of sump pumps, which are crucial during heavy rainfall or flooding events.

Medical Equipment: Provides a reliable power source for critical medical equipment, ensuring the well-being of individuals who rely on medical devices at home.

Increased Property Value: Installing a backup generator can increase the resale value of your property, as it offers an attractive feature for potential buyers concerned about reliability and preparedness.

Brantford's McKenzie Electric - The Preferred Shop for Generators


We offer backup as well as portable generators for your commercial and residential properties in Brantford. Our generators are safe, durable, and fully functional and help keep your systems running smoothly throughout the day.

Install Generators in Brantford


McKenzie Electric is the top shop for standby generators in Brantford.

Generac Generator
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